That “block text” look

So I’ve been having a few requests from users to create a how-to on how to get that well-aligned, block-like looking text like you see in the image above. It’s actually fairly easy and can be accomplished in only a few steps.

  1. Pick the right font. What you need is a font that is best for these sort of things – typically, tall and thin. A really good font for this is the Oswald font family.
  2. Pick your short phrase. Next, you need to have your short sentence or phrase that you’re styling. Something with only a few words in it is best – the shorter the better as this will make your life a lot easier.
  3. Align center, make it upper case. Then, you’ll need to align the text to it’s center and make it all upper case. This makes the following steps much easier and the upper case will make the blockiness come through a lot more clearly and make your edges look better.
  4. Put each word(s) on their own line. Put each word, or short group of words, onto their own line. If you want to emphasize one word over the others, put that word on it’s own line as it’ll ultimately be much bigger than a group of words that may have less importance.
  5. Pick a size for the block of text. Pick one word, and make it as large as you want the block to be – you’ll then be aligning all other words or groups of words to the outside edges of this word.
  6. Align outside edges. Next, you’ll want to increase or decrease your individual lines so that the outside borders of each word or words line up with each other, creating a “square” or “block-like” look.
  7. Space out your lines in between. The last step here is to make sure each line is evenly spaced by adjusting the paragraph spacing or line height of each line individually. Try and get it as uniform as possible.
  8. Optional: add embellishment. If you’d like it to look even more block-like, you can add a line above it and below it for a nice design element.

Video Tutorial


That’s it! Got any other design tips?


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