Presentations are visual communication

Why do we even bother making a presentation at all? One word: communication. In particular, visual communication.

A presentation can work when were there, or when were not there. Without a presentation itself, it’s simply a speech – or a talk.

The visuals that you decide to put in your presentation document is what will do some serious heavy lifting – after all, “we eat with our eyes first” as those in the culinary world like to say.

We eat with our eyes first.

Information Design is of the utmost importance

The reality of a lot of presentations is that you often have to cram a lot of information into it.

First off, it’s your job as a presentation maker to distill that information down into the parts that will be the most vital to your audience.

Then, your next job is to design that information in a way that will make it easy to absorb and remember.

Well designed visuals (reminder, this means both text and images), combined with a well delivered speaking will best set you up for success (however you may define success).

So here’s five killer ways to design the same slide

The below presentation uploaded to our Slideshare account, takes some standard info – in this case, information we’ve pulled about the leafy seadragon from – and shows you how easy it can be to try different layouts with the same information.

While there is no “right” or “wrong” way to design a slide – there are certainly better ways than others, and you should cater this design to your audience. Remember: they’re are why you’re doing this presentation in the first place.


Five Killer Ways to Design The Same Slide from Crispy Presentations


What are your tips for slicing and dicing the same information?


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